1.1 Duties of journal editors
evaluate manuscripts solely on the basis of their scientific significance, correct presentation of information, objectivity of conclusions, stimulate exclusively scientific discussion, as well as ensure the protection of the author’s personal data;
avoid discrimination in the evaluation of the materials submitted by the authors.

1.2 Rights of journal editors
familiarize yourself with project decisions and opinions of reviewers;
make proposals to improve the work adopted for publication;

2.1. Duties of the editorial board members
Carry out the instructions assigned to them to implement the basic requirements for the ethics of publications.
maintain complete confidentiality in their work and undertake not to use unpublished copyright information in their own research without the written consent of the author;
not to reveal information about the submitted manuscript to anyone except the author, reviewers, potential reviewers, other editorial consultants and, if necessary, the publisher;
take reasonable measures to identify and prevent the publication of articles whose research has been misconduct, to discourage such breaches or to knowingly tolerate such breaches;
be prepared to publish corrections, clarifications, refutations and apologies when necessary.

2.2. Rights of members of the editorial board:
receive the information required for operation from the editorial board of the journal in accordance with the established procedure.
involve experts in various fields, as appropriate, in reviewing articles and other material submitted for publication in the journal.

3.1. Duties of reviewers:
assist the editor in сhief to make an adequate decision on publication and, through appropriate interaction with the authors, also – the author to improve the quality of the work;
comply with the terms of review agreed with the responsible editors;
consider any material obtained for review as a confidential document, not to reveal its content and not to discuss it except for responsible editors;
provide an objective assessment of the materials submitted for review. Reviewers should express their opinion clearly and arguably.

3.2. Rights of reviewers:
notify responsible editors and exclude themselves from the peer review process, feeling incompetent to review the study presented in the manuscript, or believing that early review of the manuscript would not be possible.

4.1. Duties of authors:
provide reliable results of the work done on the original study and an objective discussion of its significance. The article should contain sufficient details to ensure the verifiability of the work;
do not publish material on the same study in more than one journal as an original publication. – – Presenting the same manuscript simultaneously in more than one journal is perceived as unethical behavior and unacceptable. The author should not submit a previously published article for consideration;
ensure that completely original work is presented, in the case of using the work and/or quotes of other authors, bibliographic references or excerpts are mandatory. To be accepted, an article must have at least 80% of the uniqueness of the text.
comply with the rules of autocitation (self-citation), namely: if elements of the material were previously published in another article, including in the journal “Bulletin of the Korkyt Ata KU,” the author is obliged to refer to earlier work. Authors are advised to observe a self-citation rate within 10%.

disclose information about funding in their work, as well as the presence of the interests of third parties, which may be perceived as having an impact on the results or interpretation of their manuscript.

4.2. Rights ofauthors:
the publication of results of scientific and scientific and technical activity in the press if they don’t contain the data relating to the state, official or trade secret;
access to information on results of reviewing of the article in accordance with the established procedure;

revoke the article.
Journal Issue Requirements
In each issue of the journal, the number of articles should not exceed 30 articles;
Articles of members of the editorial board shall not exceed 1 article in each issue;
The number of articles of one author in each issue of the journal should not exceed 1 (one) article, written alone and/or co-authored.
The number of articles of foreign authors in each issue of the journal must be at least 30% of them at least 2/3 in English;
The number of articles of Kazakh authors not affiliated with Korkyt Ata KU should be at least 50%;

The number of articles of authors representing one organization should not exceed 2 (two) articles in each issue of the journal.


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